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Leh proved to be preferred destination for tourists!!

Leh proved to be preferred destination for tourists!!

Leh, the district of Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as the most preferred tourist destination for foreign tourists. Last year nearly 50,000 people from other countries visited this place the most. Officials said that in this district located at a height of 3,524 meters, the number of tourists coming to the resort in 2018 crossed the figure of three lakhs. This is the record created by far.

In 2018, around 3,27,366 people, including 49,477 foreign tourists, traveled to Leh. It is 50,000 more than the previous year. A senior official of the tourism department said that the number of tourists visiting the Leh district for the first time in 2011 reached lakhs. A total of 1,79,491 tourists, including 36,662 foreigners, had visited Leh district that year.

Penang Lake of Ladakh has been chosen for shoot purpose for films as well. The beauty here is like heaven!!

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