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Here is how passenger can check reservation charts on IRCTC portal

Here is how passenger can check reservation charts on IRCTC portal

In a bid to ensure transparency and eliminate corruption in a moving train , Indian Railways has made the reservation charts available for all railway passengers on the IRCTC website (

Indian Railways says that the new step will help prospective railway passengers get information on any vacant berths that are available in the train after chart preparation. In the new system, passenger’s berth related information will be made available after preparation of the first chart around 4 hours before the departure of the train and the second chart will be available around 30 minutes before the train leaves the originating station.

The second chart will accommodate changes based on current reservations and any cancellations made after the first chart. The new feature will be available on both the web and mobile version of the IRCTC e-ticket booking platform. Based on the information of seat availability, passengers will be able to approach the TTE on board for ticket booking, says Indian Railways.

Here is how a railway passenger can check reservation charts on the IRCTC portal:

1] On the IRCTC portal, a new option of view ‘Charts/Vacancy’ is being made available;

2] The train journey details such as train number, journey date and boarding station will be required as an input from the user and after that, the class-wise and coach-wise number of vacant berths can be seen;

3] The user can also click on a specific coach to see the layout along with berth-wise accommodation status such as; occupied for full journey, occupied for a part journey and vacant for a full journey; and

4] The position of berth allocated to a PNR in the coach layout can be seen in PNR Enquiry & book ticket history.

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