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Vistara expands its wings to Assam

Vistara becomes first airlines to offer sanitary pad services


Vistara becomes first airlines to offer sanitary pad services

Something a women has to face several times is the Periods.While traveling she needs to take care a lot especially when it comes to Sanitary Pad usage. But now female passengers need not have to worry has Vistara has come up with the great initiative of providing Sanitary Napkins on flight.

Under the initiative, called #PadsOnBoard, Vistara will provide sanitary pads to women flyers onboard the air carrier on request.Sanitary pad services has already begun on Women’s Day.This initiative makes Vistara the first Indian airline to offer sanitary pads on flights within India.

According to the airline, the cabin crew will make in-flight announcements on all flights to create awareness among travellers about the availability of sanitary pads onboard.

They also said that the flyers can freely ask for it if they need to use a sanitary pad. The pads will be organic & bio-degradable.

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