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Go and Enjoy Bali holiday before it gets expensive


Go and Enjoy Bali holiday before it gets expensive

Are you planning for a Bali Vacation? If yes, then go right now as Bali is planning to implement a tourist tax in the future nearby.

The government of Indonesia has drafted by law which would soon let people charge USD 10 (Rs 712) from its tourist.

It’s not just the Bali who will make tourist sad but also Australia’s Passenger Movement Charge of USD 43 (Rs 3000) and Japan’s Sayonara tax of 1000 Yen (Rs 650). New Zeland is believed to follow the same path with a traveller tax of USD 24 (Rs 1700). However, the Australian tourists will be exempted from the New Zeland tourist tax.

Moreover, the way this tax will be charged is still unclear. There are two options available, one being a direct implementation of the tax on the airfares or it can be collected later. However, if the tourists willing to see Bali then the tax won’t stop them…The Indonesian government is positive, the tourists won’t mind paying these taxes.

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