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Five traditional dishes to try during Ramadan


Five traditional dishes to try during Ramadan

Yes, a month which is said to be much awaited for Muslims, where the observers fast from Sunrise to sunset. During the fast, no food or drink is consumed, and thoughts must be kept pure. Followers of Islam believe that fasting teaches patience, modesty, and spirituality.


Meals are served before sunrise, called suhoor, and after sunset, called iftar, and eaten with family or with the local community. However, the experts state that the diet should be simple not a feast and should not differ substantially from your normal everyday diet.

Presenting you Five traditional recipes from around the world you can have during Ramzaan month:

Beef Samosas

Beef Samosa

Beef and potatoes are the main ingredients folded inside these wonderful deep fried samosas. Chicken lovers may be substituted for beef if you choose. You just can’t buy better in the shops.

Spiced Pears and Pomegranate

Spiced Pears

To fill out the meal, side dishes and sweets are creative and satisfying. An easy fruit dessert made with fall fruit that can be served with a cheese selection.

Suhor: Pre-Dawn Dishes


This simple meal starts the day, with enough fuel to get you through. Traditional options range from filling omelettes to soothing porridge.

Berber Bread

Berber Bread

A very very yummy snack or breaky, very very very easy to make. Smear a little honey on each piece and enjoy.




This is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with semolina and yoghurt, then soaked in a rose water syrup.

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