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Enjoy the budget friendly International Trips under 50k


Enjoy the budget friendly International Trips under 50k

Have you ever been planning for International trips for a longer period but lack of money is hampering your foreign travel? It is not necessary that you can think of walking outside the country only after having 1-2 lakh budgets in the account. There are many such places in the world where 50,000 rupees are enough for travel and adventure activities. 

We are bringing you such places:



Indonesia is a very large country with approximately 17,000 islands. Every island is known for its natural beauty, culture, and tradition. Apart from relaxing on these islands, you can see the wild Oraang Utaang. The volcano can also be seen here. Jakarta is the most famous because of the budget-friendly district in Jakarta and Bali. There are many cheap options available for eating and drinking. In street food noodles, Tasty grilled fish will be found at a reasonable price.

Air Tickets: Flying from Kochi will significantly reduce your cost. Fares start from ₹6,758(one way) on Skyscanner.

Suggested Duration: 4 Days

Things to do: Religious & Cultural Tours, Volcano Tours, Nature Tour, Local Sightseeing, Water Sports, Temple Tours

Places to Visit: Bali, Pangandaran Beach, Toba, Jakarta, Pangandaran, Derawan Island, Wakatobi, Toba, Jakarta, Batu Secret Zoo, and others.


Cambodia is also quite budget friendly. If you want to enjoy the beautiful beach and the greenery spread around, then plan a trip around here.

Air Tickets: Fares as low as ₹6,766 (one way) are available on Skyscanner if you fly from Kolkata.

Suggested Duration: 5 Days

Activities/Things to do: Cultural Visits, Religious Tours, Recreational & Leisure Tours

Places to Visit: Angkor Wat, Silver Pagoda, Koh Ker, Bayon Temple, Tonle Sap, Preah Vihear, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap, and others



Thailand, which is full of tourists throughout the year, is also quite cheap in addition to being beautiful. Planning to go to Thailand in South East Asian countries will be great. The food is very cheap here.

Air Tickets: Fares start from ₹5,849 (one way) if you fly from Jaipur. Check out Skyscanner.

Suggested Duration: 6 Days

Things to do: Elephant Tourism, Floating Market Tour, Local Shopping.

Places to Visit: Lumphini Park, Phuket, Wat Phra Kaew, Santikhiri, Tarutao and others

Suggested Stay: iSANOOK HOSTEL | Price: ₹702 per night



Nepal is also included in the list of cheap countries. This is especially known for tourism. Here half the economy is dependent on tourism. Do not plan to go here during monsoon.

Air Tickets: Fares start from ₹4,693 on Skyscanner. Tip: Take a flight from New Delhi.

Suggested Duration: 5 Days

Activities/Things to do: Adventure Sports & Activities, Nature Tours, Religious & Cultural Visits, Local Sightseeing

Suggested Stay: Hotel ice view | Price: ₹702 per night



The very beautiful country is Vietnam is. The best place to roam here is the Bay Log Bay. This is especially known for its dark green water and limestones. For the trip here the tourists get junk boat and sea coak facilities.

Air Tickets: Fares start from ₹7,415 (one way) on SkyscannerTip: Fly from Bangaluru.

Suggested Duration: 6 Days

Activities/Things to do: Sightseeing, Yacht or Boat Cruises, Local Market Tours, Caving, Cultural Tour, Island Tours, Wildlife Tours

Place to Visit: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha TrangHo Chi Minh City, Sapa, Mekong Delta, and others

Suggested Stay: The Common Room | Price ₹1,194 per night



China is a very big country. But there are many facilities available to go from one place to another and are also quite affordable.

Air Tickets: Fares start from ₹8,765 (one way) on Skyscanner. Fly from Chennai.

Suggested Duration: 5 Days

Activities/Things to do: Local Sightseeing, Historical & Cultural Tour

Places to Visit: Beijing, Xuchang, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Luzhi, Macau and others.

Suggested Stay: You can manage your accommodation in China under ₹4,000 for 5 days.

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