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Best Time to travel to Phuket – A monthly evaluation of Phuket


Best Time to travel to Phuket – A monthly evaluation of Phuket

Phuket, like most of the tropical destinations, is a country that can be visited around the year. However, there are some months that are better than others.


January is the height of tourist season with the sun warm and glowing and weather picture perfect. But the roads can be quite busy, every place from luxurious accommodation like Kata Rocks to the budget-friendly hostel are likely to be booked.


Although the crowd is lesser in February than in January, the weather still remains the same. The nightlife in Phuket picks up in February. If you are planning on traveling towards mid-February, remember that plenty of people make Phuket their Valentines’ vacation. It is best avoided if you do not like crowds.


One of the good months to consider for travel, the crowds are on the decrease and some of the hotels provide deals in preparation for the off-season period. The weather is still hot and humid, and the sun is out in all its glory. The traffic conditions, though, remain quite high even during March making commuting somewhat of a hassle.


April marks the end of the peak season. It is the month of Songkran water festival which is a part of the country’s new year celebrations. It is a fun time to visit if you are looking for some cultural exposure. April is also the hottest month of the year, though, and rain is likely towards the end of the month.


One of the wettest months of the year, May still has a high level of humidity. As the off-season starts, even the Phuket luxury villas in Thailand tend to offer discounts and deals for their guests. If you are lucky, you might be able to find accommodation at one of the most luxurious hotels at 50% off. The problem is, though, rain can be quite unpredictable, thus dampening the vacation.


If you are planning on visiting Phuket during the off-season, June is a good month to consider. It is the month with the lowest rainfall out of all the low-season months. Coupled with the possibility of discounted rates on flights and accommodation, this is a good time to visit.


July is a lot similar to June, although the possibility of rain is slightly higher. The seas can be rather rough and unruly in July making it unsuitable for scuba diving and the like. However, accommodation is still cheap and you can find flights at discounted rates.


August is the beginning of the lowest season in Phuket, which means all rates drop drastically. The negative to this is that there can be long periods of showers although sunny outbursts are still a common occurrence during the day. It is a good month to consider traveling.


This is possibly the wettest month of the year in Phuket. As rain is guaranteed almost every day, it is not really recommended that you travel to Phuket during September. However, if you do not plan on going out and about much, this would be a good time to visit. The reduced number of visitors means the local businesses would be paying more attention to you, and the overall service in the area becomes rather friendly and attentive.


October is when the weather starts improving again, although the rains have not completely ceased. The hotel and flight rates still remain at the cheapest in the year, and the sea is about to return to its best behavior. October is a good month to visit as well, especially towards the latter part of it as improvement in weather coupled with low rates allows you to venture out.


Marking the official beginning of the peak season, November is when the visitors start tricking back to Phuket. The nightlife slowly picks up the pace during November, as hotels and resorts prepare for the incoming visitors. Although it marks the beginning of the peak season, rain can still be expected intermittently.


With the rain almost ceased, December sees the number of visitors increasing. Hotels and resorts start increasing their prices as well, to keep up with the demand. The influx of visitors increases towards the latter part of the month, especially on the New Year’s Eve. Although not as busy as January, December may not be the best option if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

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