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Wait What? This 12-year old kid steals Mom’s credit card and flies to Bali

Man Bali

Wait What? This 12-year old kid steals Mom’s credit card and flies to Bali

We have heard about man stealing credit card for purchasing luxurious purpose or to feed his stomach, but ever heard a kid who is just on his way to see the world is stealing credit card for solo trip? Sounds Errhhh..but that true.


A 12-year-old Australian boy travelled alone to Indonesia’s Bali after he had a row with his parents when they cancelled a holiday to the tourist island.This 12-year old took the vacation of his life time without breaking the piggy bank.The kid stole his Mother’s credit card after he was told they couldn’t go.The boy booked himself into a four-day stay at a four-star hotel, telling the staff that the family would join him later. When it was learned that the boy wasn’t at school, but in fact overseas in Indonesia, his “shocked” and “disgusted” mother Emma, flew there to collect him.

12-year old

The boy, from Sydney, booked flights and accommodation online using his parents’ credit card. He flew to Bali presenting only his passport and school ID. He had used a self-service check-in terminal in Sydney to board a flight to Perth and then a connection to Bali. He said he had checked into his hotel room in Bali by telling staff that he was waiting for his sister to arrive.


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