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UDAN SCHEME: 2 airports in Ladakh, 11 in Jammu and Kashmir to be introduced!


UDAN SCHEME: 2 airports in Ladakh, 11 in Jammu and Kashmir to be introduced!

After article 370 revoked in Jammu and Kashmir, the government of India now focusing on tourism sector as according to the current news, about 11 airports in Jammu and Kashmir and two airports in Ladakh have been chosen for a bid under the central government’s regional air connectivity scheme Udan. Yes, you heared right, these airport has been name under regional air connectivity scheme, UDAN which is also called as Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik. Well, this is fourth round of UDAN and around 668 routes have been already given to different air operator so far.

As per the list, Chamb, Chushal, Akhnur, Fukche, Gurex, Jhangar, Miran Sahib, Poonch, Panzgam, Rajouri and Udhampur these are 11 airports of Jammu and Kashmir. And from Ladakh it is Kargil and Thoise. And as per the civil aviation ministry wants to concentrate on the North East Region, hill states, Jammu and Kashmir as well as Ladakh.

Moreover, in upcoming years India is going to be the tourism hub that’s why the civil aviation ministry wants to better air connectivity and encourage growth in the tourism sector. And as per reports, the government is inviting initial prospects for UDAN 4.0 till January 1, 2020 and counter proposals till January 13.

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