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6000 kms

This young man cycled 6000 km to reach Singapore

man cycled 6000kms

This young man cycled 6000 km to reach Singapore

At an age when young people plan parties with friends, this 24-year-old Delhi-based man-made the life-changing decision to travel from Ranchi to Singapore alone on his bicycle! Meet Himanshu Goyal, the inspirational man who went on a 6000 km long journey for 55 days. But for this trip, he had to drop his final-year Chartered Accountant (CA) exam, which he clearly does not regret.

About his journey

So Himanshu started his bicycle journey on 20 August this year. Being a basic bicycle, he could not carry much baggage, so he only packed the essentials, saved and left. He carried with him all the puncture equipment, inflatable mattress, air pump, some clothes, first aid kit, water bottle, phone, sleeping bag, and camping gear.
.It took him about 55 days to travel from Ranchi to Singapore. Every day, the boy would travel a distance of about 150 km and without any sponsors, he would have to depend on the locals for the night stay.

Talking about his career as a CA, he said he could not just take the exam because it was not something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and it was the moment when  an idea of ​​a cycling expedition struck him to cross-country.

6000 kmsHow did he prepare?

According to Himashu, he had not traveled more than 10 kilometers till last year, but this year he went on a bicycle trip from Manali to Ladakh. It took him six days to complete his journey and reach his destination. He spent nine months preparing for his Singapore trip.

His route

During his 55-day-long journey, he passed through many destinations including Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and finally Singapore. Himanshu had a tourist visa, and thought that things were sorted out but when he arrived in Thailand he only got a visa valid for 15 days. In this short period, he had to cross the entire country, which is about 1500 km. However, he somehow made it ahead of time.

Life-changing incidents

Himanshu’s successful journey was not a bed of roses. There were moments when he thought he wouldn’t make it. During his journey, as he was searching for a temple in Malaysia, he had a bad encounter in which a local man on a bike attacked him with a knife and pelted stones. He punctured the tyres of Himanshu’s bicycle and threatened him for money. But he ran away just after taking his watch.

The second time, while crossing Assam, his skin was scratched from a car and fell from his bike. Even bleeding from the shoulders and palms, he continued cycling for another 80 km.

After this successful and inspiring journey, Himanshu is now planning to go on a bicycle trip from India to Europe.


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