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Uber App adds new feature, Lets it riders make free calls


Uber App adds new feature, Lets it riders make free calls

With an aim of keeping the driver and rider smooth relationship, Uber India has added a new feature that offers free call between the rider and the driver. With this new feature, Uber is tapping into VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to enable voice call through the Uber app.
This feature was first announced in October last year and is now being rolled out to all users in India. According to Uber, the aim is to enable riders and drivers to communicate with each other for free and it will also allow them to keep their mobile numbers private.
Alongside enabling free calls for riders, Uber has enabled VoIP-based calling for its driver partners as well. This means that just like you, your cab driver can also make free calls to you. The prime aim of the latest move is to let riders and drivers communicate with each other for free while keeping their respective phone numbers private.

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