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Travel and summer

Traveling in Summers? Here are the Skin Care tips you should follow

Travel tips

Traveling in Summers? Here are the Skin Care tips you should follow

Skin too needs extra care in summer not only body. Slight negligence can cause rashes, sunburn, and dehydration. To overcome this, it has to resort to expensive products and treatments. But if you focus on these small tips, you can stay away from such problems and treatments to a large extent. And how could we forget that when we are in traveling mode then special care must be taken.

So let’s know how to do skin care in the summer when you are traveling or when you are in your home town  :

Do not bath with hot water

In Sumers, it would be better if you don’t take a bath with hot water and steam bath, because it can cause dehydration. Bathe with cold water instead, which will refresh your mood and helps in preventing from blocking the skin pores.


Do Take Extra Care of Eyes

Eyes are the most delicate part of the face so they need special care. So if you get out in the summer during the day, do not forget to apply sunglasses. This will keep away the problems of wrinkles occurring around the eyes. Besides this, the cream for the day or night can also be applied.


Exercise is necessary

Of course, heat, sweating and humidity can be a hindrance to exercise, but if you want to be fit then do not let these excuses fall behind. All you need is to take out half an hour from your busy schedule for the exercise. Physical activity is also important for oxygen supply in the body as well as for improving blood circulation. This easily eliminates the problems of sunburn, acne.


Do Not Avoid Exfoliation

Don’t forget to exfoliate body in the summers. Exfoliation is very important for removing dead skin. You can also use sugar in the house for this.

EfoliateWear Light Make-Up

Avoid heavy makeup in the summer. They make a layer on the face, which makes it difficult to breathe. Use the Moisturizer instead of the Foundation If not very necessary, then apply make-up . Try using Lip Balm instead of Lipstick.


Drink Water more & more

Drink more water in the summer which will keep your skin hydrated. Drinking water removes all toxins of the body. Go out anywhere if you have a bottle of water with you. Instead of drinking the whole water bottle of water altogether, drink the water in every two or three minutes.

waterDo not forget to apply sunscreen

In Summers, wearing makeup is up to you but wearing sunscreen is the most important thing you should do. The harmful rays of the sun damage the skin, sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines and unforeseen aging, by putting sunscreen, you can stay away from these troubles.





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