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Traveler hold on if you are planning to trip Sri-Lanka

Traveler hold on if you are planning to trip Sri-Lanka

Hold on every tourist, as bad news is circulated for you if you are planning to Sri-Lanka this month or later next month. Sri-Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena has extended the State of Emergency by another next month considering the security concern. According to the gazette notification, president Sirisena issued ordered to extend the emergency for another month following the April Easter Sunday bombing which leads to dead 250 people and injured above 100.

The keeping in the mind public security, preservation of public order and to protect the life of the countrymen the decision has been taken.

On April 22, the President Sirisena declared an emergency after attacks on the three churches, three luxury hotels and two other locations. As the responsibility of the bombing were claimed by the Islamic state terror group. Currently, over 100 people, including 10 women are into custody in connection with the suicide attacks.

Well, due to peace in Sri-Lanka their was tourism boost in the country and that was the reason why this island nation become one of the top destination for foreign tourism in the country. Let hope, the restriction will get wind off as soon as possible and once again Sri-Lanka will open door for better tourist hub.

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