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Taj Mahal entry fee increases, but after spending 180 minutes

Taj Mahal entry fee increases, but after spending 180 minutes

Taj Mahal, one of the most visited places by the tourist in the world. As it comes from the seven wonders of the world’s family. Having the normal entry fees there are numbers of visitors visiting through-out day. Hence it proved that this UNESCO world heritage site has increased the tourism sector in India.

But for the visitors now Taj Mahal hour committee has changed the rule. The entry fee has now been revised as per your tour timing. So, for visiting this UNESCO site for more than 3 hours, one must need to pay an additional fee. As the new rule has already been implemented at the Taj, which is located in Agra.

Meanwhile, last December, the Taj Mahal has increased the entry fee with an additional Rs 200. This means that Indians visitor need to pay Rs 250 & for foreigner Rs 1300 has to pay if they want to visit the main mausoleum. Or one can buy a ticket for just Rs 50 but you will not able to visit Taj Mahal main attraction mausoleum.

As per the reports of Uttar Pradesh tourism sector, the Taj Mahal alone attract 7 to 8 million tourists every year.

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