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This temple offers 60 types of dishes

Parthasarathy Temple

This temple offers 60 types of dishes

Aranmula of Kerala is as beautiful as it is endowed with historical heritage. A glimpse of which can be seen at the Parthasarathy temple here. Let us know what is special in this religious place.

Aranmula, dedicated to the craft, is a place particularly known for its cultural identity, but ironically, it is not as much in the news as it should have been. So today we will know about one such unique place there.

Parthasarathy Temple

This temple is the pillar of the historical heritage of Aranmula. Built-in the traditional style of Kerala, this temple is very grand and clean. This temple, dedicated to Krishna, is built on the banks of the Pamba River. On seeing its architecture, the vision of the craftsmen is clearly known. They have built this temple at high altitudes to avoid floods. This temple is also a stop for the Shobha Yatra to be carried out before the commencement of the worship of Ayyappa in the Sabarimala temple. This temple also houses the gold dress of Ayyappa given by the king of Travancore, which is taken from here to Sabarimala with full legal practice at the end of December. This temple is famous for its ‘Valla Sadya’ i.e. Onam’s banquet. This feast is organized during Onam. For this, the day of ‘Ashtami Rohini’ of the month ‘Chingam’ of the Malayali calendar is fixed. This feast is held on that day. The banquet is like a huge Bhandara, serving over sixty dishes. All this is made from the materials donated by the devotees of Krishna. Famous singer KJ Yesudas also bears the cost of a day’s banquet in Sadya to be held here. Sadya has been organized in the Parthasarathi temple on the occasion of Onam since ancient times.

AranmulaWhen and how?

Going to Aranmula is as easy as traveling to any other place in Kerala. The nearest railway station is Chengannur and the airport is Thiruvananthapuram! Taxi and bus facilities are easily available from all these places to get here. Recommended to visit here during monsoon or later, the weather is perfect. The old identity of this place has been kept intact, without much tampering with history.



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