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Traveling:A Scientific reason for happiness


Traveling:A Scientific reason for happiness

Experts agree for spending all your money on travel as it is the secret of bliss.

The science is in, and Experts agree that you should spend all your money on travel as there is scientific .reason behind it.

I mean, they didn’t say that in so many words, but the conjecture certainly was. Any excess cash you receive should go directly to the holiday bank account and be used as soon as possible. Because this is the secret of bliss.

Most likely you might be already knowing about this, but it’s good to be confirmed. A recent study of Cornell University found that spending money on experiences gives you lasting happiness as compared to spend it on materials or goods. The reason for this is that people “conforms” to materials or goods – meaning that the things you buy will decrease the amount of happiness over time and you’ll get used to being around them – while those ones- Closed experiences will be traced back as happiness only increases.


So, spending a lot of money on a fancy car or a watch or a dress or a phone or even at home, is not going to bring you happiness forever. You will just get used to those things. The iPad you bought would be amazing when you get it out of the box, and then it would get boring after playing with it for a few weeks, and after three or four months you would complain about what your stack about is nonsense and looking at ways to upgrade.

Cash-out on a fleeting experience, however, as something as simple as visiting an art gallery, or jumping out of a plane, or eating an amazing meal, and you’ve just presented yourself with a personalized gift that will keep giving. You will not become sick of memories; On the contrary, they will make you happy and happy as time passes.

Those who have been bitten by the travel bug have known for a long time. There is nothing that you can buy in shopping malls that can compare to the joy of visiting a foreign country and preparing to explore it. There is no fancy home or car that is capable of creating the thrill of being in a place where you don’t speak the language and don’t know what to do.

Also, bad travel experiences can compel you to wind up which can be good for you. How many times have you re-found people with stories of your journey, such as when you got food-poisoning time in Mexico or when you missed a flight after Oktoberfest, or when did you rip off a man in India? And you’re laughing about this stuff; you are proud of it.

If you ever needed a demonstration of the power of experience as happiness, then this is it. Even those nightmare episodes when everything goes wrong, they are looked upon with great love. They still make you smile year after year.

Traveling-aloneIt happens to me constantly. Once in Jaipur, in northern India, I honestly thought that I had arrived at an international gold-smuggling ring and was frightened for my life, making a run for a dark corridor for one night in my new experience with the expectation to hear the sound of “friends” and half gunfire to get away from. But I survived, obviously, and I now look back on that madness as a character-building exercise that I won’t exchange for all items in the SkyMall catalog.

But the good news is that you don’t have to wander into a smuggling ring to become a joy: everything you do while traveling will bring success. Setting a load of money on an amazing experience will do it. Will do it by leaning on a budget in a hostel. Tourism will do this while checking out the highlights just as people who walk around the café for the whole day.

There is no wrong way to do this. All you have to do is commit to leaving the home, trying to secure ownership over small pieces of it rather than seeing the world. See. do. Eat. Drink it to Explore Play the full gamut of experience.

After all, travel is everything in its pleasure. It is a fear, love,  hate, and astonishing and illusion. It makes you smarter and happy. This is why you should not spend money on something else.


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