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This restaurant in Surat lets you dine in the Ropeway


This restaurant in Surat lets you dine in the Ropeway

When young, we all have enjoyed the roller coaster and ropeway rides in amusement parks. But what if you’ll get a chance to eat in the restaurant which has a uniquely designed theme of Ropeway? Indeed, it’s true, there is a restaurant in Surat where Dinners are served in Ropeway.

Ropeway restaurant in Surat

The restaurant serves the buffet lunch n dinner. In their buffet, they have soup, chaat, starters, main course, salad, and hot n cold dessert at just Rs 299. So at this price range, an unlimited wholesome buffet is quite nice.

The Ropeway Restaurant

With this great concept, Surat has become the first city in the country that can have a Ropeway dining experience.


The Ropeway Restaurant shop 101-104, Aakash Retail, Nr. Prime Shoppers, Surat


12am–3pm, 7–11pm


₹500 for two people (approx.)

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