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Ghalib Kebab

Sway to the soothing melodies of Sufi music with Yummy Kebabs!


Sway to the soothing melodies of Sufi music with Yummy Kebabs!

Even though Kabab and Biryani are old, their demand is increasing especially when you are in Old Delhi. Now if you are fond of eating Mughlai food like Kebab and Biryani, then Delhi is waiting for you. And if you are itching to have some good kebabs and tikkas, then head to Ghalib. No, not the poet – though he does live in all of us – an eatery that has been serving some delicious kababs for 60 years.

60 years old shop

The shop is currently run by Nasir Quraishi. According to Nasir, this shop is about 60 years old. His Father Hanif Qureshi commenced this shop. “When My Father started selling Kebabs and Tikkas there was no house in the street at that time. Along with the passage of time, the streets too developed. Today the situation is that you can not get into this street from the car,” asserts Nasir

Ghalib’s Kabab Corner is in Nizamuddin Basti, opposite the Markazi Mosque. The place consists of a narrow room where people can sit and eat. There are tables and chairs in front of the mosque, too from where you can hear the Sufi Music and enjoy the Kebabs. The bawarchis sit outside, grilling seekh kebabs and tikkas. Next, to the shop, you will find mounds of rotis.

Ghalib Corner Delhi

Kebabs and Tikkas are specialties

The seekh kababs, grilled on a skewer right in front of you, are moist and soft and have just the right mix of spices. The seekh kababs are prepared with lamb or buffalo meat, and the tikkas are only of buffalo meat. The tikkas are chunky pieces of meat, which are grilled to perfection, and with again just the right balance of flavors and spices. They have Shami kababs, too, which are of lamb meat. However, here Kabab is not as soft as Lucknow. Nasir says that yes, that’s right, but there is a reason behind this. People here like to eat such kebabs. They do not like soft kebabs. Nasir claims his ‘Shirmal’ that such a soft roti gets only two places in Delhi. One in Karim and the other in Ghalib Kabab

What is Ghalib Connection?

On this question, Nasir says that the biggest reason behind this is the name of this place. The road on which this shop is located is called Ghalib Road. The second reason is the existence of the Ghalib Club in front of his shop.

Address: Mirza Ghalib’s Grave, हज़रत निजामुल्मुल्क मागे, Nizamuddin, Nizammudin West Slum, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi 110013

Time: 12pm to 11pm


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