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Spicy dishes of maize in Chhindwara, from kheer to khichdi, each one tastes special


Spicy dishes of maize in Chhindwara, from kheer to khichdi, each one tastes special

Do not miss a visit to Chhindwara if you come to Madhya Pradesh, because there is a lot of food variety which is specially prepared from maize. Let us know more about what is special here.

Chhindwara is known for the production of corn. It is the largest corn-growing place in the country. The Corn Festival is held here in December every year, in which more than 200 dishes of maize are prepared and served.

Can enjoy tribal food

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Most of the people in Chhindwara are tribal. Here in Patalakot, one gets to taste the primitive dishes of the tribals. When you go to Patalkot, you should have dinner in the house of a tribal family there. These people arrange food on request in advance. Pawan Srivastava, who runs a social entrepreneur called Tribal Escape, has made a fresh start in Tamaya under the name of Patalakot ki Rasoi, under which tribal tastes are served to the common people. In this kitchen, food is cooked by women from tribal villages, including maize pudding, maize vegetable, maize khichdi, maize kheer and chutney of small wild tomatoes (bhejra), jowar and urad chapati, Bajra chapati, maize chapati, vegetable of ghughari, vegetable of balhar, gram-bhaji ka saag, Barbati daal, mahoowa ki puri, sycamore bread, etc. are included. There is a special type of rice called Kutki. It is the pre rice crop, which is considered to be the ancient crop. Pesticides or chemicals have not been used in it till date.

Peja Energy Drink

The tribal people here drink a special type of energy drink, which is called Peja. It is prepared from maize and kutki. After eating it, energy remains throughout the day. If you are a non-veg lover, then desi cock can be cooked here for you with great fervor. A special type of rooster is also made on order. This rooster is completely black, which is very hot.



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