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Dream Job: Need 2 people to run a coffee shop on this beautiful island!

Great Basket Coffee Shop

Dream Job: Need 2 people to run a coffee shop on this beautiful island!

“Have you ever had the pleasure of leaving the city and moving to a quiet island away from the world? If you too have such dreams, there is an opportunity to make dreams come true. There is an island called The Great Blasket Island in Ireland, Europe. A new type of job is offered at this small island coffee shop

Two people are needed to manage. Recently a tweet was posted on the island’s official Twitter account. It says that people who need long-term management for Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop need it.

Couples or two friends can apply.This post has gone viral on the internet. People need it from April to October 2020. According to the post, food and accommodation will be provided to the recipient of this job.

Currently, there are two men named Alice and Billy working on the island. They are looking for healthy, energetic and enthusiastic people who can take care of their coffee shop. The two people who choose will have to serve breakfast, manage the living space for new guests and run a coffee shop. He will have to clean the poultry cages, make heating arrangements for the guests and water to the plants.

There are five beautiful cottages on this island. Only three of them are excluded from the tourists. This cottage does not have electricity or hot water. A small windscreen charges a mobile phone or laptop. Washing clothes are provided for washing outside the island. After returning from the wash, it is given to the guests. This job looks really different. It will be a new and exciting experience for anyone who gets this job. Employees will be allocated space to stay above the coffee shop.


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