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Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue of Sentosa to be demolished

Merlion statue of Sentosa

Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue of Sentosa to be demolished

As per reports ,the iconic Sentosa Merlion of Singapore is likely to be demolished. This shocking step of demolishing the  Merlion statue on Sentosa is being taken in order to construct  a way for pedestrian bridge  costing S$90 million. The proposed bridge is going to connect Sentosa and Pulau Brani. According to the experts, this move could help in boosting Sentosa’s appeal to travellers.

Unfortunately, the structure is set to get demolished by the end of this year, and the upcoming project is set to be completed by 2022. The bridge, Setosa Sensoryscape project, is going to be a two-tiered road  expectedly to be the size of more than five football fields. The all-new bridge is going to have some exceptional features for travellers, such as look-out points, water features, and other architectural wonders.

The story of the Merlion of Sentosa

One time, it was the logo for Singapore Tourism but today it is passing through a dire consequence. Merlion stands for mer, which means sea, and the second half for lion and together it represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village. Interestingly, the lion head is known as Singapura, which was its original name. It means lion city. It was designed by Alec Fraser Brunner and was installed back in 1972.

It is Interesting  that there are quite a few Merlions in Singapore and Sentosa being  one of the largest . The highest one is located on the top of Mount Faber.


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