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Patna just got Madhubani makeover and it is a completely new city

Patna just got Madhubani makeover and it is a completely new city

Patna is looking more beautiful these days than ever before, due to which splendid and colorful Madhubani paintings and wall paintings are staring at the city walls! The capital of Bihar received just one makeover; Now, the historically prosperous Patna city is painted in traditional Madhubani colors. In this initiative taken by the Bihar government, many folk Madhubani painting artists were engaged.

This initiative was also a means to inform and educate people about the rich cultural diversity and golden past of Bihar. By painting the city walls, the government is discouraging people from spitting and dirtying them in public. Not only this, in this initiative some of the most prominent and globally renowned artists are also associated with the state government and together are making meaningful murals.

The murals are giving some great messages; One of these, under the Hariyali campaign, life and greenery, which means water, life, and greenery. Its purpose is to reconnect people with the environment. These inspirational campaigns are inspired by a series of mural paintings at Lodhi Estate in New Delhi.

Bihar State Power Holding Company (BSPHCL) Chairman and Managing Director Pratyaya Amrit told the story behind the idea. He said that once he was going through the artwork of Lodhi Estate, he wondered if something could be done on the same lines of an energy-specific subject in Bihar as well. It took them about three months to conceptualize before finalizing the subject and idea.

The second mural is the story of a little boy and a girl who holds a Goraiya (house sparrow which is also the state bird of Bihar) in his palm. So-called wall painting shows that we are light and everything in this universe is interconnected, from humans to plants. Not only this, but murals on the city walls also depict endangered species like the famous Bengal tiger and the Asian elephant.


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