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Ima Kaithal of Imphal is Asia’s largest women’s market, enjoy unique shopping here

Ima Kaithal of Imphal is Asia’s largest women’s market, enjoy unique shopping here

It is said to be Asia’s largest women’s market. So many things are available here in these shops right from fish, vegetables, spices, fruits to local chaat. We will come to know what else is special here.

Nestled on the banks of the Imphal River, it is one of the most organized cities in the Northeast and is truly rich in natural beauty. The influx of tourists coming from far and wide is seen throughout the year. There are many things that make this place special, one of which is the Ima Bazaar here. Will know its specialty.

Impha Kaithal Bazar of Imphal

The special thing about this unique market, named Ima Kaithal, was that the shops here are run only and only by women.

Thousands of women use to sit here in traditional costumes decorating their shops. Around 5000 women shops are here in this market. Apparently it is said to be the largest women’s market in Asia. So many things are available in these shops, from fish, vegetables, spices, fruits to local chaat. This market, run by Emma Cathal Mothers, is probably only the market in the world run by women that imparts a wonderful message to mother power.

Around 500 years ago, this market is considered to have started from the 16th century. Manipur is believed to have had an old-fashioned Lulup-Kaaba, a bonded labor system, in which men are sent away to farm and fight wars. In such a situation, women used to run home. They used to work in the fields and sell the sown grains. This necessitated a market where only women could sell goods. These courageous women of Ima Kaithal openly protested when the British government tried to forcibly implement economic reforms in Manipur. These women started a movement called Nupi Lane (Women’s War) under which they brought the anti-people policies of the British by organizing the protests and processions. This movement continued until the second world war. Ima Kaithal became synonymous with the mother power of Manipur rather than just a market. Even after independence, it was established as a place of discussion on social subjects. It is also said that in the absence of print media, people used to come here so that they could get to know the surrounding news. Only married women can run a shop in this market. These women also have their own organization which gives loans to them if needed. If you come here at night, the bright faces of women in electric lights will captivate you. These women have tremendous confidence. It is also a unique experience to see the surroundings. Here women are seen wearing traditional fennec (a type of lungi worn in the lower part of the body) and ennephis (a kind of shawl) above.


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