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Now reach Elephanta Caves from Mumbai in 15 minutes


Now reach Elephanta Caves from Mumbai in 15 minutes

Everybody Who lives in city or has ever visited the town of film industry, is tuned in to Elephanta Caves. they’re the {gorgeous| the attractive} caves with some gorgeous rock art dedicated to Shiva, associated and placed on an island regarding ten kilometers far from city.

As of now, anybody who wants to travel to this historical wonder has only one option and that is to take a ferry ride from gateway of India to the caves. It takes almost an hour to reach from Mumbai by sea.And whereas the ferry ride may be a nice expertise in itself, it’s continuously a decent plan to own another travel possibility prepared, particularly if that possibility helps you save a monumental quantity of your time.

The central government has sanctioned a project to form a 8-km long ropeway connecting city to Elephanta Caves. It’ll take simply fifteen minutes to reach from city to Elephanta once this ropeway gets completed.

The calculable date of completion of the project is in 2022, that’s three years from current.  This ropeway will be constructed over the Arabian Sea, thus making it the first over-the-ocean ropeway of the country. Exciting, right?

The project has been taken up by the Mumbai Port Trust, and once it gets completed, a total of 30 cable cars will run on the route.



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