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Explore the Red Desert of Wadi Rum

Explore the Red Desert of Wadi Rum

The Red Desert of Wadi Rum is gorgeous. Its many red hues with touches of orange allude to another world. The fine beautiful red sand glistens in the desert sun. What a privilege to walk through this “

Valley of The Moon.” The Valley of the Moon is the other local name for this extraordinary desert. Some may think they are on the Moon, and it is a possibility, of course. But others may feel that they have arrived at the Red Planet!

The Red Desert seems to be a Mars special.


Come along with us as we explore, the Red Desert. Let’s climb the mountain! Discover the valley! It is time for adventure in the Red Desert. The Red Wani rum is Jordan.

The similarities are so unbelievable, that Wadi Rum is often the film location or backdrop to movies centering around Mars. It’s reddish-orange hues make it a match out of paradise. The Martian, just coming out in local theaters, is an extremely realistic and rigorous movie from outer space. The backdrop for this enthralling drama was none other than, the Wadi Rum Desert.

The Red Desert of  Rum is remarkably almost like the terrestrial planet.

This mysterious and protected desert in Southern Jordan, is the perfect filming location for movies centered around the Red Planet. It is remarkable to think about this uncanny resemblance while out exploring this unique and colorful desert. So get out and discover this breathtaking land. There is nothing like spending your day on a Wadi Rum Adventure.

Wadi Rum is that the home of the Zalabia Arabian tribe.

Wadi-rumThey are a friendly tribe with a lot of ambition.They live and work in this magnificent Wadi Rum. In recent years, they have designed a wonderful eco-adventure for those who are not afraid to explore the secrets of this secluded and protected desert. Many of the Bedouins make their living assisting trekkers, climbers, and those who come to explore. Both Camel and horse safaris are available. It is a marvelous place to camp for a few days. Would you like to go camping in the Red Desert?
Most of the Bedouins own Jeeps or other ATVs.

These give outstanding and exciting tours of this fantastic desert vale.

You will be amazed as you come upon the goat-haired tents of the local Bedouins. They are friendly and hospitable. They are famous for inviting strangers to tea. Would you like to join us for tea?

Another exciting opportunity in the Wadi Rum is their camping adventures. Camping under the stars is fantastic! Spend your evenings watching sunsets and getting to know your new friends. It is not unusual to be invited to dinner by a local Bedouin family. Rise early and watch the sun rise over the mountain. What a fabulous opportunity! These accommodations are more than adequate for an amazing desert experience. What are you waiting for? Let’s go camping in the Red Desert!


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