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Now hire Uber speedboats to reach Elephanta caves


Now hire Uber speedboats to reach Elephanta caves

Well everyone has traveled by road in Uber but have you can think you can travel by boat with the help of Uber in India? Yes, it is possible in India, an American brand Uber has just launched UberBoat, a speedboat service between Mumbai’s Gateway of India, Madwa (near Alibaug) and Elephanta Caves.

Mumbaikars it’s on your way starts using, as the service has already kicked off from 1st February. The Uber speed boat is quite expensive but can save lots of time.

Important notes:

  • The starting point is from Gateway Of India
  • Service available from 8 am to 5 pm every day
  • Which carry three stops- Gateway Of India, Elephanta Caves, and Alibuag

Check out the fares from Mumbai to Alibaug:

Currently Uber is offering two ride option

  • UberBoat which could carry 6-8 passengers and its priced at flat Rs 5700
  • Secondly UberBoat XL the larger one, it has capacity to carry 10+ passengers and fixed coat of Rs 9500

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