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Know your ancient while travelling in Bihar

Punaura Dham

Know your ancient while travelling in Bihar

Sitarmarhi: It’s the place where numbers of Hindu pilgrimage visit to see Punaura Dham (Janki Mandir), which is one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Goddess Sita, located in Sitamarhi, Bihar. Along with pilgrims, there are millions of travelers visit this religious shrine in North India.

Basically, Sita-Kund is the nothing but the birthplace of Hindu Sita. There are few people in the world known that Lord Ram came to Sitamarhi to marry Lord Sita. Below pictures are the place where they both knot as husband-wife.

How to reach:

  • Nearest railway station in Muzaffarpur which is just 60 km
  • Patna airport nearly 100 km from Sitamarhi

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