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New rule for Visa; Tourist will have to share your Social Media details!


New rule for Visa; Tourist will have to share your Social Media details!

Hola is it true! The country where annually 15 million tourist visits, now as per the new rule they have tighten the security. As per reports, those who willing to travel to United States, now will have to provide details of their social media handles.

Well, United States is always ready for any causes happen to them, earlier President Donald Trump bans seven Muslim countries to enter US, but went on criticize and had to drop the policy. But now this time he choice an alternative way. For the people who are filling online visa forms will now see that a section where they have to provide further details information of social media account. Unfortunately, this rule is applicants to all, except for official or diplomatic visa holder. Along with social media section, you will find another section of previous email address, usernames and phone numbers.

Well, this is not a one day rule changer, this rule was first proposed way back in March 2018. And according to the US government, the immigrant & non-immigrant visa forms have already been updates. Meanwhile, those who are not using social media, will have another option for those people. But in case of lie, an applicant could have to ready to face serious immigration consequences as per US official declared.

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