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Life is beautiful- “Never give upon your dream”, says this Nomadic couple!!


Life is beautiful- “Never give upon your dream”, says this Nomadic couple!!

Everybody knows that if ‘chaiwala’ becomes Prime Minister of India, then why not every chaiwala can dream big as Narendra Modi who once sold tea at the station. Well exactly what a couple thinks who sell tea in the street of Kochi.

There are many friends around you just drop the plan of a tour when you asked them, simply because they can’t afford right. But have you thought that if one can save the little bit of money then everything is possible Yes, there is inspiration story of a tea seller namely Vijayan and Mohana both are in the same age of 70s.

By selling tea, they save dollar 6 (rupees 300) per day to help in fulfiling their dream to travel around the world. As they run a small tea shop in a port city in Kochi (Kerala), southwest India.

Thanks to Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group who post the story in form of video on his twitter handle.

Both have born in common family background but travelling in the world was their childhood dream-said couple.

The couple opened the shop name called Shri Balaji Coffee House in 1963. You will be surprised that was only the source of Income which they used to visit 23 countries. By collating saving and taking a loan from the bank (which they pay inn return) is the way where couple travel as their choice of destinations.

Vijayan said approx. 300 to 500 customer used to visit every day.

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