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10 Celebrities giving you major travel goals


10 Celebrities giving you major travel goals

In Italy, India and Indonesia, Julia Roberts’ Eat Prayer Love Trail seems like a suitable framework for; we have celebrities hitting the streets like never before. Along with their travel stories that are nothing short of mythology, they are also giving us some major travel goals. While Sushmita Sen is, frankly, a beach bum whose scuba diving video is tempting (and wearing) us, Chris (Thor) Hemsworth is definitely having a great time on the planet right now.

Travel goals, anyone?

Sushmita Sen

As if her life had less hurdles, this woman goes across the ocean when it leaves for sailing to distant oceans. Quite literally.

Anushka Sharma

From Ladakh to Austria, this super woman has been doing all this. There are many colorful stories told in her social media accounts.

Roger Federer

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On my way to Melbourne ???

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If your work can give you a place, Roger Federer definitely does the best job in the world!

Purab Kohli

You cannot remember the Desi friend Purab Kohli, who believes in burning rubber on highways across the world. His transmissible smile is definitely another goal, achieving that allows you to get more brownie points when traveling with strangers.

Gul Panag

From off-roading in the Himalayas to residing on a houseboat in Kerala and riding on the roads of Punjab, Gul Panag has a list that is tough to compete with.

Dia Mirza


In addition to her recent pursuit of the River Ganga, Dia Mirza continues to grin around the world with her impunity. Her list contains heavy doses of Uttarakhand, Kolkata, Varanasi, Jarmat, Bali and Himalayas.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was certainly not happy as a king of Asgard which is quite evident from the voyages around the world and those make-you-envy travel photos.

David Beckham

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Should we take a dip Olive or not ? ??

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If you can’t bend it like Beckham, try traveling like him. A lot of countries and inspiration to camp here.

Anushka Manchanda

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Sunworship. ? @piwolf #thailand #railey

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A beautiful singer, Anushka Manchanda will take you to Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Bali, Thailand and of course, some of the best places in Goa and Mumbai. Her piercing voice is the perfect background score; Play it on your next road trip. Loads of campaigns coming your way.

Narendra Modi

Certainly you cannot miss him, rightly. From Japan, Bhutan, Iran to Sikkim, Assam, Kashmir, he has done it all. Around the world ASAP (80 days are outdated), that seems like the mantra here.



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