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Into the Winters chill, A visit to Hot Spring in this town is must


Into the Winters chill, A visit to Hot Spring in this town is must

Maharashtra has many places to explore and find the inner beauty of nature. Hot Spring or Hot water lakes are one of them.

In the town of Vajreshwari, there is a famous temple of Goddess Vajreshwari. The town here was originally called Vadvali, though now the Goddess Vajreshwari has had her name adopted for the town. Her name literally means “the lady of the Vajra (thunderbolt)”. The original temple of Vajreshwari was at Gunj – five miles north of Vadavli.


Later, it was moved to Vadvali after its destruction by the Portuguese. Vajreshwari is at the foot of Mandakini Mountain, which was formed out of a volcanic eruption and it is this proximity that accounts for the many hot springs in this region.

There are even more hot springs further afield. It is reported that there are around twenty-one hot water springs, just within a five-kilometer radius of the temple. The Tansa River flows through here, rich with its hot waters.

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