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Indigo announces Three Day Summer Sale! Fares Starting Rs 999


Indigo announces Three Day Summer Sale! Fares Starting Rs 999

Indigo has announced a three-day summer sale till May 16 across its network that connects 53 domestic and 17 international destinations. Passengers can avail the all-inclusive fares starting at Rs 999 for travel between May 29-September 28 on domestic and international routes.

On international routes, IndiGo flight tickets start from Rs 3,499, under this offer. With its fleet of over 200 aircraft, IndiGo operates around 1,400 daily flights and connects 53 domestic destinations and 17 international destinations.

Under this offer, IndiGo is offering Delhi-Ahmedabad flight tickets starting from Rs 1899, Delhi-Bengaluru Rs 2,799, Delhi-Bhubaneswar Rs 2,499, Delhi-Chennai Rs 3,099, Delhi-Guwahati Rs 2,599, Delhi-Hyderabad Rs 2,500, Delhi-Kolkata Rs 2,899, Delhi-Mumbai Rs 2,499 and Delhi-Pune Rs 2599.

Internationally, the routes include Hyderabad-Dubai, Chennai-Kuwait, Delhi-Kuala Lumpur and Bengaluru-Male.


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