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This Cafe in Shanghai serves Coffee with Cotton Candy; It looks Magical!


This Cafe in Shanghai serves Coffee with Cotton Candy; It looks Magical!

If you’re one of those people that need things to be pretty more than it needs to be practical, this cup of coffee is something you will definitely need to get your hands on. This coffee is served with a cloud of ‘cotton candy’, the coffee vapor rises to dissolve the ‘cotton candy’ and the cloud begins to rain with sugar over the coffee.


Mellower Coffee in Shanghai is now famous for its “Sweet Little Rain” coffee. Food bloggers are trying their hands out to this deliciously looking coffee. This Sweet Little Rain Coffee is sold for around Rs 592 (58 RMB or around $9).


Mellower Coffee is known as a Chinese specialty coffee company headquartered in Shanghai. Mellower devoted to specialty coffee and built on a whole-coffee industrial chain. People are really here for their signature creation, Sweet Little Rain.

Despite that cotton candy are passé (remember we had a period of cotton candy desserts hype in 2015?), Mellower Coffee was, in fact, one of the earlier creators of Sweet Little Rain.

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