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Hold on! Tourist spaceport is ready to go up and ready!

Hold on! Tourist spaceport is ready to go up and ready!

Recently, the first commercial spaceport of the world has become operational now, announced by Virgin Galactic, that the company owned by Sir Richard Branson has transferred all its spaceflight operations to Spaceport America in New Mexico.

During an interview in May, Branson said that they are thinking to send the people in the space along with family and friends. And even he also mentioned that a flight training will also be arranged inside the spaceport followed with hot air ballooning, places of eating and mountain bike riding.

Virgin Galactic had been carrying out test flights from Mojave (in Califonia), as per reports received and also launched successfully the first of its tourism rocket plane into space in December last year. As per the following reports, more than 600 people have already paid around 80 million dollars to the company in advance to ensure their ticket on the first space flights.

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