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Have you tried this Sarpanch Thali in Pune?

Have you tried this Sarpanch Thali in Pune?

Are you a non-veg lover? The this Dhabha is for you to quench your thirst. If you happen to pass through the Aundh-Baner link road, chances are that of spotting people making the beeline outside quaint dhaba

Tatyancha Dabha serves sarpanch thali, a platter that has been named after main heads of villages in Maharashtra

This Jumbo Thali is priced at ₹2100. Thali comprises 15 kg of cooked mutton and flavours comprising of tamda rassa, kala rassa, aal kala rassa, aalni rassa, loaded with five varieties of dry mutton fry.

Besides Sarpanch Thali, one can also opt for Patil thaali which is a smaller version of Sarpanch Thaali just at Rs 1600.

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