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Consider these three things while making new friends during traveling


Consider these three things while making new friends during traveling

When we get off to travel somewhere, we meet lots and lots of new people on the way of traveling. There are some people to whom we don’t feel like talking again, whereas we also meet some people whom we love to talk over and again. This kind of friendship is more important when we are not only traveling with family but also going on for Solo trip.


 In such a situation, it is necessary to know what things we should keep in mind when we are making new friends while traveling. So that friendship should not be a hassle for us and our Journey becomes more exciting!

Check Knowledge Level


Knowledge doesn’t mean degree of that person but the practical knowledge. If the level of his talk is very superficial and the body language is not looking right, then it is better that you stay away from such a person. Such people are not able to be trusted and because of their actions, you can get trapped in trouble.

His/Her Homeland and his occupation

Traveling-SoloGenerally, with the strangers, the talks begin with these questions only. But if you are on a group tour then you can rely on their talks but if you are traveling alone, do not trust them blindly.

Notice his behavior/ Read his mind too


What is his behavior with you or with other people in the group it should be noticed? If his behavior with everyone is as friendly as it should be then it is ok if you make him/her friend.  But if he is treating you sweetly and talking with you very nicely but behaving badly with others, then you need to be cautious.


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