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Best Destinations for Female Solo Traveler


Best Destinations for Female Solo Traveler

Travelling the world alone? Might worried something happens? Nervous? Think your friends and family might be right about the world being dangerous?

These questions everytime harasses women whenever she plans to travel alone. Most of my recommendations for women travelling alone for the first time are places where English is spoken, or at least, it would not be surprising to find someone who speaks English. Being able to communicate in your own language is helpful especially if you are a newbie.

Here we bring you to the places where travelling alone could become easy for all the women, they will build up confidence in themselves.

London and the Lake District: 12-Day Itinerary 

Solo-Traveler-1If you are at all outdoorsy – or even if you’re not – the Lake District is a fabulous place to visit for its natural beauty and local charm. It’s easy to see why this area was the inspiration for much of Wordsworth’s poetry. Walking by day. A pint at the local pub by night. It’s a perfect solo travel destination.


Solo-Traveler-2Chicago is known for its fabulous downtown, waterfront, architecture, great use of the river, cycling, arts scene, blue/jazz scene, sports traditions… and they have a wonderful free greeters program to introduce you to the city as well.


Solo-Traveler-3Amsterdam is a city rich in history, fresh with pop culture and on the leading edge of social change. It is a place where women, pedestrians and cyclists are all respected. Yes, there’s the red light district but it’s also very family friendly.

Western Canada

Solo-Traveler-4Western Canada offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world as well as a currency that makes it affordable to most who are outside Canada.

Patagonia, Chile

Solo-Traveler-5This is an adventurous place but also one of which were lots of solo travellers which made it quite easy on the ground.

Sydney, Australia – Natural beauty, ocean, beaches, culture, food… Sydney is a fantastic destination but it comes at a price. It tends to be quite expensive Here are budget Sydney tips to make this city affordable.

Kauai, Hawaii

Solo-Traveler-6Kauai is the ultimate destination in Hawaii. The blissful beaches and the towns are great spots to grab a meal, do a little shopping or just explore.


SOlo-Traveler-7Pondicherry, later name changed to Puducherry is a union territory bounded by the Tamil Nadu state. This amazing tourist destination is considered to be one of the safest destinations in the country for solo women travellers.


Solo-Traveler-8Goa is a state which doesn’t require any introduction and is known to attract tourists from across the globe. Its breathtaking beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. This what makes Goa, a go-to place so many travellers. Known for its nightlife, local shopping bazaars, and adventure sports.

Goa is considered to be safe for travellers, especially solo women since it’s a city that literally never sleeps.

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