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A mysterious place in Gujarat with anti-gravity road

A mysterious place in Gujarat with anti-gravity road

Gujarat has some spooky places that could easily give you chills no matter or what.There is a place in Kutch called Kalo Dungar you might have heard about it manier times as people have experienced a strange phenomenon with some people experienced uncanny speed at which the vehicle rolls down the slope on the return.


But it is not just Kalo Dungar there is also another place in Gujarat called Tulsishyam where vehicles start moving upward if left in free gear.


The anti-gravity road of Tulsi Shyam is located in Gir National Park. This 150 metre stretch is a steep road where the vehicles start moving upward if left in free gear. It is also reported that travellers who tried pouring water on the road found the water flowing upward due to the anti-gravitational pull.


Tulsishyam is located on the border of Amreli district and Junagadh district, in the Gir national park in Gujarat. A few studies with regard to similar stretches across the world have triggered wild speculation about the cause, with some suggesting it could be due to the gravitational pull from dark matter that exists on a parallel universe! Others talk of optical illusion or magnetic and gravitational anomalies.

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