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Tourists spots across India to have ‘no-selfie zones’

Tourists spots across India to have ‘no-selfie zones’

With the rising number of selfie deaths and incidents, the government has come up with the decision of making tourists spots ‘no-selfie zones’.

Union Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir said accidents while taking selfies are reported from time to time and the Ministry of Tourism has advised all state governments and Union Territory administrations to take a number of measures to safeguard tourists.

He said safety and precautionary measures, including declaration of ”No Selfie Zones”, to prevent any untoward incident are the primary responsibility of the state governments and the concerned Union Territories administrations.


The central government’s advisory includes identification of such tourist spots, erection of signage warning visitors of the danger involved in taking selfies there and barricading areas wherever possible danger is identified.

As per a study published in 2018, India is said to have recorded the most number of selfie deaths. Therefore, it is expected that this new move might help to raise awareness and bring down the number of selfie deaths. And since January 2016, India has been identifying ‘no-selfie zones’; while Mumbai and Goa were under the radar till now, this new move brings every state under one belt.

This move can however, help in reducing the nuisance of clicking selfies anywhere anytime.

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