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A house in this Italy’s town is Just for Rs 80!

A house in this Italy’s town is Just for Rs 80!

On one side millions of rupees are spent to by a home in many countries, while Europe is a country where home is available for only 80 rupees. This is not a dream but a reality. Yes, in Sambuca, Italy, the house is being sold for only Rs 80.


This city of Italy, is getting lonely and the town is suffering from underpopulation, as of now, the population has drastically come down to 1300, with people merely having any babies. Called as ‘Ollolai’, this Italian town is located in the Barbagia region on the island of Sardinia. Here, over 200 stone houses for now for sale at just Rs 80.


But there is a catch, people who want to live here will have to pay refundable security of around 4 lakh rupees (5000 euros) before purchasing it. He will have to renovate that house within 3 years.

Well, if you are planning to live in the other country and settle down, then come to this town of Itay and accept the offer!!

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