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Digital Detox

Your Next Vacation: Digital Detox

Your Next Vacation: Digital Detox

Digital Detox During Vacation: A study showed that tourists also go through an emotional journey and why they need to keep themself aloof from technology and social media during their journey?

You may be surprised to hear ‘digital detox’, but the truth is that it has become the need of the day for all. The digital and virtual world is overpowering us and our relationships to such an extent that it has become difficult to spare time for ourselves and relationships. People have thousands of friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but in real life they are feeling lonelyness.

It is truth of life that many emotional ups and downs takes place in the life of  human beings and in such a situation sometimes it become necessary for us to be away from the virtual world. A recent study found that tourists also go through an emotional journey and why they need to be separated from technology and social media during their journey.

A study published in a journal called ‘Travel Research’ have made a survey about the impact of digital-free tourism on travelers’ experiences. Technologies such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, internet, social media and navigation tools were not used in this journey and it caused the demand for ‘digital detox’ holidays on increase. 

Nowadays people are well connected with the world and have become used to getting information continuously. However, there are many people who are fed up with  this contineous connection and therefore, the trend of digital free travel is increasing.

Those who participated in our survey, reported that they not only met with other travelers but also met locals during the period over their disconnected journey and spent more time to look each other closely and transparently .

They got many good advice while talking to other travelers, especially the locals and were able to get more information about the destinations, places and beaches which are not available on any tourism websites or guidebooks and that became the most important part of their journey.

When these participants connected back to the digital world , they became upset after getting all the messages and information. However, after enjoying a connection with the locals during the trip, many would like to do another digital detox trip again in the future.

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