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Vadodara Airport’s national rank jumps


Vadodara Airport’s national rank jumps

As per a survey conducted by a private agency on behalf of the Airports Authority of India (AAI), Vadodara airport has figured at second position in western region in the customer satisfaction index (CSI).

The airport has also been listed at fourth position at all-India level in the survey of 51 airports done between July and December 2018. Where in terms of all-India position, the airport’s ranking has improved from 11th position last year.

Charan Singh, western region airport director said that, “It is because of our continuous efforts of improving customer service and environment at the airport that we have been ranked second best in the western region.

Singh further added that, this airport currently handles around 4,000 passengers per day and we have crossed 1 million yearly passengers. Meanwhile, if we are going by the current numbers, we will be handling 11 lakh passengers this year.

Constructed at the cost of Rs 160 cr, the airport witnesses 32 movements of arrivals and departures with connecting flight. And has capacity to handle 500 domestic passengers per hour and 250 international passengers per hour.  


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