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Tips for Pregnant women who are traveling


Tips for Pregnant women who are traveling

Traveling in pregnancy is undoubtedly a big risk, but with some preparation and sense, you can enjoy the journey. Some women consider the 1-2 hour journey easier, but it is not so. Whether the journey is of one hour or 8 hours, preparation is a must.

Here are our tips for the Preggie travelers:

Doctor’s Permission


Prior to travel in the pregnancy, consult a doctor, so that he can help you with any kind of problem. Because at pregnancy, there is a risk of labor pains in the 8th or 9th month during travel. Keeping this in mind, most airlines have maintained some rules and regulations for pregnant women.  Along with this, you have to show your medical certificate before the doctor’s admission, then you get a permit for travel.

Preparations before travel

During pregnancy avoid wearing very tight clothes. Loose outfits are very comfortable in the journey. Also, pay attention to clothing as well as your footwear. Flats will be the best for this. If you are going on a very long tour, do not forget to keep the medicines with you.

Choose Comfortable Seat

If you are going to travel in pregnancy, leave the seat love instead choose a seat that is near the washroom. Better to choose the last seat as it has more lag spaces, which means you can sit comfortably.

Always carry food

Whenever you go out in the pregnancy, take care to eat and drink healthy things. Although the food found in the flavors may be good in the taste, in the case of nutrition they are not guaranteed, so prepare homemade food and carry it for the travel.

Engage yourself during Travel

Engaging yourself during travel makes you feel more comfortable. Music, movies, and books are the best source of entertainment, and also reduces the problem of headache, warming and fizzing.


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