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This restaurant is serving Dal Makhni Cappuccino; All you need to know about this dish!

This restaurant is serving Dal Makhni Cappuccino; All you need to know about this dish!

A Chandigarh based restaurant serves Dal Makhani Cappuccino as a soup with steam foam. If not, try it.

Culinary artist Athar Hussain said that mixed versions of traditional dishes like dal makhani cappuccino are served as a soup with steam foam.

For example, Hyderabadi Biryani is not just a recipe, but a complete sensory experience, JW Marriott chef Hussain told IANSlife.

Just stay of two and a half year in Beautiful City of Dubai, the chef specializes in Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine.

“Starting my gastronomic journey in Chandigarh, I wanted to introduce dishes that are closest to my heart. For example, Hyderabadi Biryani is not just a recipe, but it is full sensory experience for anyone., which has taste in its original form. “The same goes for authentic happiness like Nihari or Galouti,” he said.

Dal Makhani

Authentic Hyderabadi cuisines show strong Mughlai influence like dum pukht or slow-steam based cooking techniques.

Even Nawabi decadent delights such as Nihari or rich mutton stew and Galouti from Mughalai cuisine, are now part of the established  Hyderabadi cuisine.

Hussain’s exposure to Mughal food began at an early age when he got trained under his uncle who was specialized in this cuisine by virtue of working as part of the Mughal butler in Kolkata.

Whenever his uncle visited his native place in Jharkhand, Hussain said that he was trained under his guidance, which allowed him to learn the gradation of Mughlai cuisine.

Later, Hussain moved to Hyderabad,where he worked with various local culinary masters to learn the basics as well as the intricacies of Hyderabad’s cuisine.
.Hyderabadi cuisine includes Dal be-Aab, a rich combination of lentils and clarified butter, cooked slowly on charcoals, Lagaan ka Murgh, the chicken cooked in a traditional brass pot or Lagan and an authentic version of Gosht biryani, which must try to go for delicate rustic taste, he said.

Another interesting fusion recipe on the menu is Bullet Naan, signature bread which is the best pairing with Dal B-e-Aab or Nawabi Nalli Nihari.

“To maintain authenticity, we are using technology with the use of traditional vessels such as copper lagan for each of these dishes. We have sourced the famous ‘potli ka masala’ from Hyderabad to prepare culinary delights and will use charcoal for cooking biryani at a slow rate, Hussain explained.

‘Potli ka masala’ is made by mixing 20 or more herbs and spices like sandalwood powder, dried rose petals, betel nut roots, spiked ginger lilies, black cardamom and stone flowers.


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