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Tandorri chai

This Place In Pune Is Famous For Tasty Tandoori Chai

Tandoori Pune

This Place In Pune Is Famous For Tasty Tandoori Chai

Cafe Chai Pe is the most iconic tea stall in Pune. Tandoori Chai is prepared in a very unique way. Tea is being prepared in Tandoor and raw clay pots.

The Tandoori Chais are served in Kullads and the Cost of Tandoori Chai is just Rs 20/-.

Located in Hinjewadi, Cafe Chai Pe is a lovely establishment that has made its mark on foodies with its insanely delicious food and Tandoori Chai. You can be sure that Cafe Chai Pe will undisputedly fulfill all the needs of your hungry tummy and make sure that you keep coming back for more!

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