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This ‘Modi Sitafal Kulfi’ in Surat is all you need to cheer up!

MODI-KULF in Surat

This ‘Modi Sitafal Kulfi’ in Surat is all you need to cheer up!

Get your Favourite Prime Minister‘s Kulfi today! An ice-cream parlour in Gujarat’s Surat city has rolled out a special product to celebrate the Bharatiya Janata Party’s thumping victory in the recently-held Lok Sabha Election.

KulfiVille Parle Point has introduced Modi Sitafal Kulfi featuring Narendra Modi’s face in it, in Surat. Owner Vivek Ajmera said workers took workers 24 hours to make 200 of the special ice-creams.

Modi Kulfi Surat

The ‘Modi Sitafal Kulfi’ is being sold at a discount of 50 per cent and has been made using 100 per cent natural ingredients and no essence.

MODI-KULF in Surat

So have this guy! As if you want to eat this Kulfi you will have to hurry up by today. Because the ice cream is only available till May 30th. 


Kulfreeze Parle Point, L-38, Sargam Shopping Centre, Parle Point Flyover, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395007


Opens at 2 pm

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