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This is world’s tallest cable stayed bridge!

This is world’s tallest cable stayed bridge!

Located in France the Millau Viaduct with the height of 343 m is the tallest cable-stayed bridge in the world. The Millau Viaduct, designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster, crosses the cloud-covered valley of the river Tarn in Millau.


The bridge appears to float on the clouds despite the fact that it has seven pillars and a roadway of 1½ miles in length. On first sight, the impression is of boats sailing on a sea of mist.


BridgeThe roadway threads through the seven pillars like thread through the eye of a needle. The bridge was entirely privately financed and cost 394 million euros (524 million dollars). The Bridge opened in December 2004 and is possibly one of the most breath taking bridges ever built.


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