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Spice Jet Announces Mumbai- Jeddah Low Budget Flight Service

Spice Jet Announces Mumbai- Jeddah Low Budget Flight Service

Good news for the tourist, as spice jet has introduced the lower budget passengers flight to Jeddah. As airline company has announced that the SpiceJet will introduce a budget passenger flight from Mumbai -Jeddah- Mumbai from July 5.

Well, as per the company their motto behind to start the services is that Mumbai is the third destination after Hyderabad and Kozhikode to be connected from Jeddah.

Shilpa Bhatia, the chief sales and revenue officer said that tourist/passengers will get benefits from our SpiceJet flight as we have also introduced six new domestic flights, which will be connecting the county’s financial capital to other destinations from May 20.

She further added that “The new domestic flights will help in minimizing the passenger inconveniences which caused due to the sudden shortage in capacity with the Indian Aviation Industry”.

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