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MP/Gwalior to get eight new flights of Spice Jet

MP/Gwalior to get eight new flights of Spice Jet

Budget carrier SpiceJet will launch eight new daily direct flights to Gwalior under the UDAN regional connectivity scheme. In addition to the eight new flights to Gwalior, SpiceJet will also operate four new daily flights connecting Bhopal, including the Bhopal-Udaipur UDAN flight.

On Friday, in a program held in Gwalior, the city got its new flights announcement. After this, this was also announced that the Gwalior flights will be connected to Hyderabad, Jammu, Bengaluru, Kolkata. Apart from this, SpiceJet also started the flight of Bhopal-Udaipur. Twelve new flights were announced for Madhya Pradesh.

SpiceJet has also released the timetable in this regard. But the rent is yet to be decided. From Hyderabad to Gwalior, the aircraft going to Jammu will be of 78 seaters. Just three days flights are available for Indore, Mumbai, and Delhi from Ukgwalior in the week. Flights from Gwalior to Bhopal will also be available soon.

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