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Satpura Madhya Pradesh

MP bags no.3 spot in tourist destination

madhya pradesh

MP bags no.3 spot in tourist destination

  • Travel media company ‘Lonely Planet’ has been getting ready the list of world’s best tourist destinations since 1973
  • According to the report- the reason for including Madhya Pradesh in the list is due to the divine pilgrimage sites, many specimens of art buildings and historical heritage.

 New Delhi. On Friday, Travel media company ‘Lonely Planet’ released a survey report of the world’s best tourist destinations for 2020. Madhya Pradesh has been placed at number three in this list. It is considered to be the best in terms of 5 scales measures viz; wildlife, historical heritage, pilgrimage sites, samples of art building  and food of all tastes.The first in list is Indonesia’s East Nusa Tanger and  Hungarian capital Budapest has been placed second.

Cities, states and countries of the world are included in this list. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department said that it is a matter of pride for us to achieve third place in the list of international tourist destinations. Local people have contributed their full support in the development of the tourism of the state. The department has set new international standards in the field of services including health.

Number- tourist destination- country

  1. East Nusa Tanger- Indonesia
  2. Budapest -Hungary
  3. Madhya Pradesh- India
  4. Buffalo- America
  5. Azerbaijan

The best tourist destinations are chosen on five grounds

Lonely Planet is the number one travel company in the world, which has been engaged for preparing the list of world’s best tourist destinations since 1973. Every year, the company’s editors conduct research on five grounds. Volunteers related to the company contacts the locals and influential people. Ratings to the tourist destinations is then awarded by a judicial committee of the company.


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